Reliable Brownfield Development

Each contaminated land remediation project is different. Every client has their own objectives, specifications, financial constraints and build programmes to meet.

We understand this. That’s why we make the effort from the outset to appreciate your needs as an organisation. We listen to your objectives for the project and tailor our offer to make sure we deliver to your specifications, as a committed member of your project delivery team.

UK Remediation can provide a range of services to successfully achieve your objectives whilst meeting regulatory requirements to achieve remediation “sign-off” for your planned project.

We are at-home working under traditional (sub)contractor-only contract forms, contractor D&B, or full turn-key delivery options to include development of a suitable remediation strategy and dealing with planners, regulators and underwriters to gain final approvals.

Value engineering is at the heart of our design process. At UK Remediation we can combine site-based remediation with offsite treatment for recovery at one of our soil treatment facilities. This means we can offer a flexible approach for the best combination of on-site and off-site treatment. In most cases this completely eliminates LFT payments, minimises materials for disposal and maximises sustainability scoring under schemes such as BREEAM.

Where requested, we also specialise in integrating core remediation works with bulk earthworks, reprofiling and improvement of poor ground to provide a seamless package to deliver a development ready ground platform. Many clients like this approach for overall best value and programme, as well as the advantages of reducing project administration costs.

We have extensive experience in remediation of soil and groundwater contaminated with asbestos, heavy metals, petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH), polyaromatics (PAH), solvents, pesticides, industrial chemicals, persistent organics (POP) and difficult-to-treat contaminants including PFAS (PFOS/PFOA).

We operate a bespoke mobile treatment licence that enables us to offer an extended and comprehensive range of treatment technologies, including:


  • Bioremediation - aerobic and anaerobic, insitu and exsitu including bioenhancement and bioaugmentaiton for difficult contaminants
  • Windrowing, biopiles and landfarming options to suit cost and programme needs
  • Biosparging, bioslurping & in-situ biological groundwater treatment
  • Soil Mixing or direct injection of oxygen-release compounds and other terminal electron acceptors to enhance biological activity.


  • In-situ and ex-situ chemical Reduction and In-situ chemical oxidation
  • Direct push injection and hollow auger mixing options for deep soil and groundwater
  • Surfactant-enhanced oxidation
  • Chemical stabilisation/immobilisation


  • Free product mass removal
  • Excavation and dredging
  • Soil segregation, recycling and recovery
  • Offsite soil disposal & waste management
  • Capping and cover system design and installation
  • Soil washing
  • Air sparging
  • Soil vapour extraction
  • Steam-enhanced remediation
  • Ex-situ thermal desorption
  • Solidification and stabilisation
  • Barrier walls including permeable/reactive in-ground barriers

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