The LEADER Project Funding

We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded a grant under the LEADER scheme from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) to assist in the development of a new soil treatment facility at Wheal Jane restoration facility near Truro in Cornwall. At the present time there is no facility in Cornwall that can treat hazardous and non-hazardous soils and aggregates, which means that all contaminated soil is exported out of Cornwall resulting in increased traffic movements and the loss of a useful resource.

The LEADER Project funding will help finance the construction of the soil treatment area and the essential plant machinery needed for the treatment of contaminated soils. This will allow soils, otherwise destined for long journeys outside the county for disposal, to be treated and reused for the restoration of the Wheal Jane Clemows Valley Tailings dam, offering a sustainable alternative to a traditional landfill disposal. The Cornwall soil treatment facility is due to be open in early 2020 as part of company’s business strategy to offer sustainable and landfill tax free soil disposal services in the South and South West regions.

For any soil disposal enquiries, please contact our Waste Solutions team on 01179244990 or email