On-site Remediation

We understand you have your own specific objectives for each brownfield site when preparing them for future redevelopment. That’s why we provide the total range of services you need to successfully achieve your goals.

From asbestos to zinc through to hydrocarbon oils and solvents, we have extensive experience in remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater. This means we’re flexible to meet your needs, and use the most appropriate combination of onsite and offsite treatment techniques to give you a service tailored for each site.

Depending on your objectives, we can offer:
  • a fixed all-risk price contract
  • remediation only
  • combined earthworks
  • fixed price lump sum
  • principal contractor/subcontractor
  • design and build, or delivery only.
Perfect partnerships

If you want a complete remediation package we have well-established partnerships with a range of specialist contractors. These include:

  • licensed asbestos removal contractors
  • groundworks and civil engineering contractors.

To speak to us about a site, call Simon on 0117 9244990

We operate a full mobile treatment licence that covers a vast range of remediation techniques including:
  • Ex-situ Bioremediation Aerobic and Anaerobic In-situ Bioremediation
  • Windrow and landfarming
  • Biosparging & In-situ Bioaugmentation
  • In-situ Chemical Reduction and In-situ chemical oxidation
  • Direct push chemical injection
  • Chemical addition by hollow auger mixing
  • Ozone addition
  • Surfactant addition
  • Soil vapour extraction and bioslurping
  • Steam-enhanced remediation
  • Airsparging
  • Groundwater removal and hydrocarbon treatment
  • Soil solidification and stabilisation
  • Excavation or dredging
  • Offsite soil disposal & waste management
  • Ex-situ thermal desorption
  • Soil segregation, recycling and recovery
  • Soil washing
  • Permeable reactive/barrier walls and capping
  • Oxygenation and oxygen barrier wall installation

Call us on 0117 9244990 today, to speak to one of our onsite remediation specialists.


Oil Tank Leak Remediation

Exeter, Devon

Remediation of hydrocarbon impacted soil, TPH contamination

Waste Clearance

Exeter, Devon

Removal of general waste & general site clearance

Tank Removal

Chippenham, Wiltshire

Removal of diesel liquids & supervision of excavation & disposal of contaminated soils

Bioremediation & Soil Removal

Pinbrook Rd, Devon

Soil removal & reduced dig Hydrocarbons & Chlorinated Solvent hotspot